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InkFire is the only WordPress web design and digital copywriting service that practices the “user first approach”. We strive to deliver great content that will convert & maximise your blog’s sales potential.

About Us


Our services are tailored to meet your needs, we can write any digital content and provide a flexible range of web design and copywriting services.

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Experienced Writers

InkFire has over 1,000 qualified writers from all niche imaginable. We screen our writers very carefully to make sure they have the experience they need to deliver you world-class content.

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If you ever need any help, we are always here to help. Contact us today for a custom quote or just to chat!

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Content that will spread like wildfire!

With over 1,000 writers in our network, we are able to offer high-quality content at affordable prices. Not only that, our content will be sure to maximise your website’s engagement & other relevant metrics. Prices starting from only £20 for 500 words.

What is InkFire?

InkFire is an online web development and copywriting service which specialises in WordPress websites, blog articles and SEO content that focuses on your readers first. Unlike our competitors, we do not focus on stuffing keywords, this is a destructive & short-term strategy designed to milk money from you. Our articles are of the highest possible quality, orientated around satisfying the user first, quality of content second and SEO last.

The users on your website offers Google the most important indicators to the quality of content, if they leave your website after a long session with many pages browsed and happy with the information they receive they will come back or tell others about your blog. This in turn tells Google that your website deserves to be above your competitors because it delivers better information. Soon you will climb the SERPs and dominate the top spots without using any black-hat tricks.

Our websites are strongly integrated using the latest WordPress updates. Using both WordPress CMS and world class crowdsource content we are capable of delivering high quality websites at a reasonable price.

More About Us

How can InkFire help me?

As a copywriting service, we can offer you a large variety of services to help you enhance the quality of your content. Backed up with our team of SEO consultants & experienced writers, we can deliver content that not only is optimised for SEO but also optimised for your readers too.

Our web design service is flexible, so the ready website is made according to your requirements.

What makes Ink Fire different is that we focus our attention on delivering great writing for real people not search engine crawl bots. You can rest assured that our content is 100% copyscape safe, written by an expert in your niche and is NEVER EVER spun. We do not practice black-hat techniques, we are exclusively white-hat and will never dwell into the darker realms of the internet.

Our Copywriting Services

Our User First Approach

Unlike other copywriting or SEO agencies, we focus on quality of content for the readers first. This means that we optimise our content to satisfy the customer’s thirst for knowledge and then optimise for other qualities after. For this reason, our content sees a much higher viral rate & engagement metrics when compared to traditional keyword stuffing methods.

Content Second

After the user has been satisfied, we will optimise the content to be of better quality. This means that we will add facts, statistics and back up any information that is relevant so the user won’t have to go anywhere else to find additional information. Your blog will be the first and last place they need to go to find what they are looking for.

SEO Last

Once the reader and the quality of content has been secured, we will focus on optimising the article for search engine. We do not practice keyword stuffing, sometimes we don’t use keywords at all but instead we use “theme words” which are niche related words that can only be found in your niche of content. Our methods are safe and well researched, keyword stuffing can and will lead to negative SEO which will harm your SERP in the long run.

3-4 days delivery time

We deliver all our websites and articles at a standard time-frame of 3-4 days. Though there are express options available, these should only be reserved for emergency situations as we do not make a habit of rushing the work.

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Detailed order tracking available

We will be offering a one of kind tracking service so you won’t miss a moment during the creation of your article or a website. We will let you know when the title has been approved, when the writer has been chosen, when proof-reading has started and so on. We will keep you updated regarding your website as well. At this moment we will be communicating with you via email.

Bulk purchase incentives

Many of our customers require a large number of blogs written over a long period of time which is why we offer a fair bulk buy incentives for all of our copywriting services. These are designed to help you saved on the long-term management of your blog and/or website. Moreover, we can do not one, but few websites for you! Please, contact us for more information.

Agencies & Enterprises

For even larger quantities, we offer further discount towards our copywriting service. In addition to this, agencies will benefit from having a dedicated accounts manager and pre-purchase incentives to help streamline the production process. We offer full integration to your work flow to help you deliver quality content using our services.

This is only the start

We have huge plans for InkFire, with your help we can expand our services to other areas which will help grow your businesses to exponential scales. We are introducing copywriting services aimed at increasing our client’s market share and translation services to help reach new audiences. We also offer blog management & 100% automated posting services where you keep all the profit. Please, contact us for more information.

More about InkFire Web Design Service

Are you looking for a professional to help build a website for your business? Or your aims are not profit related, but communication and exchanging information? InkFire has experience with small & large websites for businesses as well as websites for personal goals. Just contact us: we would love to guide you through the process and make a new awesome website for you or your business.


The first copywriting service we ever used and was the best experience we could ever get. I can sit back and know that my company's blog is well looked after by people who knows what they are doing. We couldn't recommend InkFire more.- Van Anh Tran Luu, Marketing Director of Tam Thanh Wellness
Sales have gone through the roof ever since InkFire started writing our articles. We are considering upgrading our package for them to manage our blog, but havn't because we need to finish our contract with the current SEO company who are poor & expensive. InkFire is affordable and scalable, which means if we wanted 1000 articles by next week they would be able to do it.- Dynamix Tech
Excellent web designers! I was given a selection of great themes to choose from and the customisation and content was executed with great taste. Very happy with the service which also represented good value for money. From my experience, I could not recommend highly enough! - PCcure

Step 1

Order any InkFire Service

Our simple Paypal integration allows you to checkout with the service you need in seconds. Rest assured that your money is safe with a reputable transaction service.

After your purchase, we require you to provide us with information you want for us to include write about. In case you requested a website, we will contact you ourself to discuss all the details.

Be detailed and be precise when providing us with the important information and article/website details, as the more information the better so we can deliver a better piece for you!

Once you have sent us detail on your article, sit back and relax!

Step 2

Sit back and relax!

From this point it’s a holiday for you, after all we are a professional service right?

Just chill and one of our representatives will contact you to confirm your title or your website details!

We may ask for more information at this point to help make your order better, all we want to do is perform our best to help deliver high quality content straight to your computer.

Step 3

Write, read and read again!

Our writers are fantastic at their job, but you can never be too sure, after all we are all human. Here at InkFire we operate a comprehensive double proofreading procedure that ensure what we deliver is 100% ready to be posted. Forget proofreading, you pay us to deliver quality content so you shouldn’t need to check what we write (but of course you are welcomed to!).

Straight out of the oven and right into your blog, our articles are freshly baked & ready to convert for you right away.

Our designers are experienced professionals which will help you to set up your website completely from the beginning to the end. After discussing all the important and little details, your new website will be ready within a few days.

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