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Case Study

Global IT Transformation: Streamlining Device Management and Compliance with Microsoft Intune

Inkfire revolutionised a global company’s IT by implementing Microsoft Intune, enhancing device management across 32 sites in 12 countries, and ensuring uniform policy deployment and compliance

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The Challenge

A major company with 32 locations in 12 countries struggled to manage its IT systems and keep all its devices up to date and secure. They needed a scalable, future-proof way to handle their device management.

The Solution

The company asked Inkfire for help. Inkfire set up Microsoft Intune, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool that makes updating devices and applying company policies easier. With Intune, they can deploy these policies to all devices remotely, making sure every device is secure and meets the company’s standards. They also started using AutoPilot, which makes setting up new devices much quicker and doesn’t require as much work from the IT team. This has unified their device estate, secured remote devices, and saved a lot of time.

The Outcome

Inkfire’s help made a big difference. With Intune, managing devices and keeping them secure became much simpler and more reliable. AutoPilot also made setting up new devices faster and less of a hassle. This meant the IT team could work more efficiently and the company’s systems were better protected and managed.

Client Feedback

The company was really happy with how smoothly everything went with switching to Microsoft Intune, thanks to Inkfire’s know-how. Being able to handle devices from anywhere in the world and making sure they all complied with the organisation’s policies was a game changer. They were also pleased with how AutoPilot made managing devices easier, saving time and making sure every device was set up the same way.

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The collaboration with Inkfire to implement Microsoft Intune was a big success for the company. Not only did it streamline their IT management and device compliance, it also made their systems future-proof and scalable. The expertise and support from Inkfire were key in making this change a success, and their proficiency and guidance helped the company to have a more efficient, secure, and well-managed IT environment.

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