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Case Study

Boosting Executive Productivity with Inkfire's Virtual Assistant Solutions

Explore how Leeds City of Culture 2023 enhanced executive focus on strategic tasks by integrating Inkfire’s Virtual Assistant Solutions, ensuring meticulous administrative support and operational efficiency

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Company Name: Leeds City of Culture 2023

Director of Finance and Operations: Richard Coram

Industry: Cultural Sector

Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

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The Challenge

Richard Coram, the Director of Finance and Operations at Leeds 2023, was on the lookout for effective ways to alleviate the administrative burden on the executive team following a member of the team retiring. With the cultural organisation gearing up for a significant year, the team needed to concentrate on strategic and high-level operational tasks without the distraction of routine administrative work

The Solution

In May 2023, Richard approached Inkfire for our Virtual Assistant services, aiming to optimise efficiency within the executive team. We were tasked to assist with administrative responsibilities, including:

  • Organising and coordinating meetings.
  • Preparing meeting agendas and board packs.
  • Sending out timely reminders to meeting participants.
  • Taking minutes during meetings and documenting action points.
  • Ensuring follow-ups on action items.
  • Our support spanned a critical six-month period, during which we established a monthly cycle of meticulous administrative support for both board meetings and various subcommittee gatherings.

The Outcome

Our virtual assistant services enabled Leeds 2023’s executive team to devote more time to their core responsibilities, significantly streamlining their workflow. The Inkfire team proved to be a reliable extension of the Leeds 2023 staff, handling all assigned tasks with diligence and professionalism.

Client Feedback

Richard praised the virtual assistant support provided by Inkfire, noting the positive impact on the team’s productivity and the smooth handling of routine but essential tasks. He vouched for Inkfire’s professionalism and confidently endorsed our services to others in need of similar support.

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Inkfire’s collaboration with Leeds 2023 underlines the transformative power of virtual assistant services in enhancing executive team efficiency. By entrusting us with administrative tasks, Leeds 2023 could focus on the vital preparations for their pivotal year, assured that their operations were running smoothly.

"The support from Inkfire’s Virtual Assistant services was invaluable to our operations at Leeds 2023. It allowed our executive team to redirect our focus to where it was most needed, confident in the knowledge that administrative tasks were being expertly managed. The professionalism and quality of service were second to none."
Richard Coram
Leeds 2023

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