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Make what you share as powerful as possible

Marketing & PR – Optimise Your Presence

In the case of your marketing, we believe you need a dynamic and fresh approach. Complex marketing strategies after often overly detailed and rarely updated, whereas you need a solution that can easily be revised and flex with your industry.

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Stand out from the crowd –

Catch attention for all the right reasons

From digital campaigns through to email signatures, we believe in harnessing every part of your marketing to work its very hardest for you to make what you do shine through.

In addition to our core values of increasing accessibility and inclusivity across the industry, we’re passionate about important topics like mental health, self-care, and protecting the environment. We love working with people, brands, and organisations who feel the same.

Stay on top of your socials without having to be an expert

Social Media Management

Our social media management packages are an excellent way to increase your marketing efforts and take advantage of our wealth of knowledge. We work with you to implement a full strategy with agreed goals and targets.

We handle everything for you – from brainstorming upcoming content, through to creating the assets, writing the captions, and even posting on your behalf! We welcome you to be as involved as you want to be, with some of our clients preferring to suggest the content they’d like us to put together, and others being happy for us to go wild!

Prior to posting, all content will be shared with you for approval, so you’ve always got peace of mind that you’re in control.

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Our Social Media Management Packages

Silver Package

£ 250 Per Calendar Month
  • 2 Posts Per Week
  • Posted To Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin
  • We Create All The Content For You
  • We Will Optimise Your Content for Accessibility

Gold Package

£ 350 Per Calendar Month
  • 3 Posts Per Week
  • Posted To Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin
  • Free Account Optimisation
  • We Create All The Content For You
  • Monthly Social Media Reporting
  • We Will Optimise Your Content for Accessibility

Platinum Package

£ 500 Per Calendar Month
  • 5 Posts Per Week
  • Posted To Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin
  • Additional Platforms Available Upon Request
  • Free Account Optimisation
  • We Create All The Content For You
  • Monthly Social Media Reporting
  • We Will Optimise Your Content for Accessibility
  • 30 Minutes Per Day Engagement
  • Free Strategy Session
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Showcase what’s most important to your business

Campaign Development

Direct attention exactly where you want it through the power of campaigns. Utilising a mixture of your website, social media, emailing marketing, and paid advertising – we can create a truly eye-catching set of visuals and narrative to display your product or service in the very best light. 

Since we believe that every campaign should be as unique as you are, we don’t offer fixed pricing for this service. Instead, we welcome you to book a call with us and we can discuss your needs and timeline.

Reach everyone you email with your marketing

Email Signature Management

Every email you send is a chance to advertise your business – are you making the most of this opportunity? 

We handle the tech side of things, not only designing a signature that aligns to your branding, but also mobile optimising it and setting it up so that it sends with every email, no matter the device it goes from. Aiming to make the process as simple as possible, you can relax while we get everything sorted.

Worried about what will happen if you want to update your signature? As part of our management service, tweaks and simple edits are included. Simply get in touch and we can update your signature quickly and conveniently.

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Our Email Signature Offer

Signature Design

£ 100 One-off Fee
  • Signature Designed According To Your Brand
  • Mobile Optimised
  • We Can Include Moving Elements, Such As GIFS
  • We Can Include Links To Other Pages, Such As Your Social Media

Email Signature Management

£ 3
Per Mailbox, Per Calendar Month
  • We'll Handle All The Tech Side Of Things For You
  • Simple Tweaks And Edits Are Included
  • Peace Of Mind That Your Signature Is Working
  • Signature Applied After Sending From Any Device

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